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Hidden video cameras and audio recorders have become smaller and less expensive. Accessibility is easier than ever, and vendors are not required to conduct background checks on their customers. But while hidden technology has advanced, laws regulating its use have lagged, experts and law enforcement say.

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As many action-adventure films buffs know, when a missile is fired, the attack can sometimes be foiled by launching counter-measures. Well, just like the movies, digital photography is experiencing a new wave of attacks and corresponding counter maneuvers. The question is, can law-enforcement, legislatures, and electronics manufacturers, keep one step ahead of lewd intrusions?

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Diaz positioned herself so she could peek out the window and see if anyone was watching her from outside. While official statistics on video voyeurism are hard to come by, in Arizona alone there have been a slew of high-profile cases. From people putting hidden cameras in public restrooms to just last month a Goodyear police officer was sent to prison for using his cellphone to record women undressing at a Valley tanning salon.

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Our caseload is going up, which comes from these things being readily easy to buy. Tech can lead people down some dark roads. Increasing numbers of women are being secretly filmed on spy cameras as covert recording technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, experts have warned.

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As more spying and surveillance equipment is accessible and affordable to buy, the issue of voyeurism is raising its ugly head. The sale of hidden cameras is booming thanks to the affordability and accessibility of new technology. Anyone can go into a spy shop online and buy secret spying equipment.

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Emma Shulevitz said she wonders whether she's being watched whenever she uses a public restroom. The year-old Rockville resident was among the women who used a changing room at the National Capital Mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath in Washington, D. As tiny, hidden cameras have become more readily available, lawyers and victim advocates say crimes of voyeurism have become easier to commit — and are potentially more damaging to victims like Shulevitz, who fear the recorded videos and images of them can be posted online or disseminated to others.

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For year-old Fiona, who did not want to give her full name, she will always double-check that the curtains in her bedroom or hotel are fully drawn such that there is not even a teeny-weeny gap for anyone to peek through, and steer clear of unattended baskets in supermarkets. Freelance content creator Hilary See, 27, would refrain from standing near the edge of the escalator where people can look up her skirt, and try to use either a bag or a file to cover the back of her skirt while climbing the stairs. With spycams and phone cameras taking voyeurism to unsavoury new heights, these women are among a growing number of people who have taken extra precautions to protect themselves and their private spaces.

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A Peeping Tom who used a camera hidden inside an alarm clock to spy on a naked student in a shower has been branded as sordid and unpleasant by a judge. Maintenance man Nicholas Burford installed the secret recording device in the bathroom of a house in South Devon and deliberately aimed its lens at the shower unit. He recorded the year-old woman at least twice, but was caught because his hidden camera malfunctioned and started making a buzzing noise.

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Digital cameras are everywhere. In phones. In purses.

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PEEPING Tom cases may not be new in Malaysia, but the emergence of smart phones, as they become more and more advanced, has provided voyeurs with a leg up to commit their despicable crime. To illustrate, some smart phones have megapixel cameras that can shoot crystal-clear pictures in low light conditions and are equipped with high definition zoom features. Such smart phone features have been exploited in the 24 cases of peeping Toms reported in Malaysia until October this year. Of those, 11 cases occurred in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.


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